• $30.00/ Cubic Yard

Topsoil, screened

Soil delivery

Here on this website page you can buy 0.5 or more cubic yards of screened topsoil alone or together with some other products. See "Two products in one load" at the delivery page on this website before ordering, as there are some restrictions on split deliveries.

Alternatively, you can order topsoil and/or other products by the phone. We deliver in Barrie and 100 km around: to Alliston, Collinwood, etc.

Click on Material Calculator below and have an idea of how much of topsoil you need to cover an area. It will only calculate if the quantity you need is 1 cubic yards or more, otherwise the result is zero. We can deliver half a cubic yard of topsoil or more by our truck.

Pick up topsoil from our Yard

If you wish to pick up 0.5 cubic yards of topsoil or more, we will load it into your truck with our loader. Together with the soil, you can also pick up other products, (like stone edging or sod) you need to complete your project.

Soil is a treasure

Natural topsoil is a treasure. Guess, how long does it take to form an inch layer of soil? It depends on the climate, underlying rocks, and ecological conditions but in average it lasts from 100 to 500 years.

2016 - 2019 Alla Khandoga

NOTE: This product can not be delivered prior to your visiting the garden center to make your personal selection

Material Calculator

Disclaimer: This calculation tool is for general use only and provides only an approximate estimate of product requirements. Ferndale Gardens makes no claims as to the accuracy of the calculation below and recommends its use at your own risk and satisfy yourself of the product quantity to purchase.