• $600.00/ Unit

mini armor stone, 6 inch high

mini armor stone weight and size

In average, the stones are up to 1 foot long, 0.5 ft wide, about 6 inches high. In average, the weight of one stone is 76 lb (can be more or less), so you can buy one of them for $12 to $19 (can be more or less) plus tax. All the pieces of this natural stone material are of various size and it is hard to estimate the price for a linear foot. Approximately 1 skid of mini armor stone makes about (very approximately!) 84 linear feet.

It is very hard to estimate how many linear feet there are in a skid, as the pieces have various sizes. You can make thinner but longer wall if the pieces are smaller. Every skid is unique, but the heights of the stones in a skid is pretty uniform, that makes wall building easier. All the above estimations are extremely approximate. Come, pick your skid, and you will be able to evaluate how many linear feet is in it.

mini armor stone prices and conditions of sale

We sell this stone at the price of $600+tax a skid (that weights about 2.25 to 2.5 tons). Smaller quantities can be sold at $0.25/lb, but we don't like when somebody wants a stone from the very bottom of a skid. You can only buy the stones that are on the top of a skid that is appointed to sell by pieces by our staff. Please, don't take the armor stone from a skid without the permission of the staff.

DIY-er friendly stones

These stones are good for DIY landscaping: building retaining walls, raised beds and other features, because they are easier to handle manually than regular armor stone pieces.

2018 Alla Khandoga

NOTE: This product can not be delivered prior to your visiting the garden center to make your personal selection

  •  Natural Stone for Retaining Walls

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